Examples of our standard model...


Prices in Jazz Box Bucks (JBB$)

Please enquire for the current lead time and exchange rate

Soprano/Concert $12     Tenor $14     Baritone/bass $16

Inclusive of the following custom options...

Mix and match for the bespoke experience at our standard price.

With a soundboard in either spruce or  mahogany...

The body can be either maple or mahogany.

The binding can be maple or ebony.


The fingerboard can be ebony or rosewood.

The headstock face can be either ebony or burr walnut

With a shape of choice; Wave or Knoll.

The soundholes can be f holes, or a central round or oval hole.


Add some of the following options for an extra buck or two...

Bridge pick up ($1):

Our under saddle passive piezo is invisible, unobtrusive and very effective.


Cutaway ($2): Choose a smooth cutaway for easy access to the upper register


Pick guard ($1):

Acts as finger-rest to counter the sudden fall away of the arched top...and adds a certain character


Timber Flourish ($2). We will always use the best tonewoods available to us but if you want to upgrade for some extra character, select this option and we'll select the best available of your ideal choice of timber.

Full Binding ($2): Send that binding all the way around the fingerboard and headstock

Rib Soundhole ($2) Let the sound flow straight to your ears


Feature back (Dart or Diablo) ($2):

  • Our dart style has a contrasting timber splicing all the way through the back of the uke,

  • Our diablo style adds some extra stripes for a seven piece back, for a vaulted feel...


Personal Motif ($2);

If you have an idea, let us know, from a monogram to a name, even a picture.


Slotted headstock ($2): For those who prefer cogs to ears.


Fingerboard Inlay ($2); Fine mother of pearl blocks, you'll never lose your position



Sunburst Finish ($2); Give a uke a vintage hue...


Jazz Box Case ($2): Click on the banner to find out more about our unique cases...


Photographic record of the build ($1):

We'll send you a ton of pictures of the build of your uke as we go along so you can see it emerge in real time.


Other Custom features: Have an idea...? just let us know, help us evolve.

If the standard model is a little over Budget, opt for our 'freeflow-flatback' model (-$3) and let us go with a flow


Overseas Shipping  ($1) (customs taxes may apply)


 $3 deposit required upon order to secure a spot in the schedule

Remaining payment is due upon receipt of photographs of your completed instrument

Too much information? Here's a tally sheet to help it make sense

Payment is accepted via Paypal (please add 4%) or international bank transfer; IBAN (No Charge).

Please allow up to 6 months from the date of deposit for delivery...(but it may be 6 weeks)

and allow 14 days after final payment for delivery